In March-April 2011, International Alert commissioned a series of portraits of people throughout the conflict-torn region from international award-winning photographer Jonathan Banks. The exhibition was called Different Faces, Shared Hopes - The Human Side of Conflict. The aim of the project was to capture faces of different people that vividly represent the human side of the conflict, where each individual remains above all a human being with his or her right to be what they are, wherever they live, with dignity and in peace. As one of the participants in our peacebuilding initiatives put it, “We are all human beings who deserve a life of certainty and hope for the future”.

Alert has created a video to display the photos from this photo exhibition.  You you can watch the English version below, or click the link to watch the Russian version on YouTube.



For the Russian version, please click here.

You can also download a PDF version of the exhibition brochure (available in English only) by clicking on the link below.


Tuesday, 17th December 2013
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