As part of the new ‘Envisioning Peace’ initiative, International Alert convened a group of young researchers from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh who were mostly new to peacebuilding work. With the facilitation of our Georgian and Abkhaz experts, participants brainstormed alternatives to mainstream views and attempted to come up with ways of transforming the rhetoric in their own societies, encouraging people to consider the human and social cost of conflict, and what their lives and societies might have been like had there been no war. They have taken what they learned from this training session back to their regions, where they have begun the work of interviewing a wide variety of people within their societies, using a transformative methodology to encourage them to reflect deeply on how their lives and societies have been shaped by the protracted conflict, and to consider what they would hope for their lives if a peaceful settlement were reached.

The researchers work will be analysed by our regional experts to produce new insights into the conflict and approaches to its transformation.


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