Conciliation Resources together with its partners has aimed to stimulate discussion about the official negotiation process and options for peace. Through meetings of the “Karabakh Contact Group” (, fresh analysis and new ideas for the peaceful resolution of the Nagorny Karabakh conflict have been generated. To complement this process, Conciliation Resources’ long-term partner Stepanakert Press Club dedicated the May 2015 issue of its Analyticon journal ( to the topic of the Madrid Principles. Available in the Russian language, the May issue features the opinion of leading civil society experts from Baku, Stepanakert and Yerevan. Laurence Broers (CR Programme Associate) and Siegfried Wöber (CR Caucasus Projects Manager) contribute their analysis in an article The Madrid Principles are Dead, Long Live the Madrid Principles!, also available in English ( (in Russian:

This publication was made possible by the generous support of the European Union, through the “European Partnership for the Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh (EPNK)”. 

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