International Alert has launched a publication as part of the joint media project ‘Unheard Voices’, the initiative facilitated by International Alert that brings together journalists from major mainstream and independent media outlets in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Nagorny Karabakh. In the project the journalists profile the lives of ordinary people in the communities most affected by the ongoing conflict, highlighting the human cost of the conflict and giving a much-needed alternative to the widespread pro-war rhetoric.

To date, the group has produced reports by 46 journalists, interviewed 322 people and reached a total audience of around 40,000 across 10 online media platforms, including mainstream and independent agencies based in Armenia, Azerbaijan, NK and Russia. In addition, the Unheard Voices Facebook page and distribution through other social media sites has given the public rare exposure to the experiences of ordinary people on the other side of the conflict divide, stimulating empathy and reflection.

This publication showcases a fraction of the project materials. It features quotes by ordinary people and photos produced by the journalist, as well as readers’ comments and reflections from the experts and journalists.  A key achievement of the group is the Code of Conduct that they drew up together, made public and continue to strive to respect. The Code is also part of the publication.

International Alert began its work with mainstream media journalists in 2011. Over the last three years the work included tailor-made training courses and workshops, as well as professional development programmes in Northern Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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