Dialogue Through Film Handbook

The Dialogue Through Film Handbook is a comprehensive manual, providing details, guidance and resources to Armenians and Azerbaijanis in the region on how to organise their own screenings and discussions for a selection of films. The handbook also includes four DVDs, with 20 short films exploring the experiences and feelings of people living in the conflict zone and the consequences of war. The handbook is published by Conciliation Resources, as part of the Dialogue Through Film initiative.

Aim of the initiative

The aim of this initiative is to encourage and facilitate independent debate in Armenian and Azerbaijani societies about each other and about the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The films highlight many of the challenging issues confronting Armenian-Azerbaijani reconciliation, placing a spotlight on an all too often forgotten but still dangerous conflict.

During its launch in the South Caucasus in October 2012 (alongside the screening of the documentary Memories Without Borders), the film handbook received positive feedback from everyone and many welcomed the publication of the handbook as an important outreach tool.

The Dialogue Through Film project

The Dialogue Through Film project is an initiative introduced by Conciliation Resources to give young Armenians and Azerbaijanis the opportunity to make short films reflecting their everyday lives and the conflict that divides them.

The project is a continuation of the first phase of EPNK.

For the young documentary makers involved, Dialogue Through Film offers a rare chance to meet and work with people from ‘the other side’.

Further information on the Dialogue Through Film project is available on the Dialogue Through Film Resource page.

To access Dialogue Through Film information directly on Conciliation Resources’ website, click here.

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