Analyticon current affairs magazine

Analyticon is a monthly current affairs magazine, published by the Stepanakert Press Club. The journal is published in hard copy and online.

Analyticon is notable for being the only genuinely independent publication and alternative information source to official media in Nagorno-Karabakh. It is also the only publication in Nagorno-Karabakh where Azerbaijani points of view are regularly published – most editions feature exclusive material written by journalists and analysts from Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital.

Analyticon is not a commercial venture and has a clearly defined audience related to its specific peacebuilding goals.

Readership and distribution

Analyticon is also published online in Armenian, Russian and English (the latter only up until 2012). The website attracts an average of about 1,500 visitors a month. Some of the articles are also re-published on other sites, attracting additional readers there.


The Stepanakert Press Club, together with Conciliation Resources, consistently assesses the impact and trajectory of Analyticon. Currently, the journal is undergoing a trial transition from a thematic format (where 10 authors in different locations all write on the same topic) to a current affairs format (where articles on different current affairs topics are accepted – in some cases, articles from leading global publications on current affairs are also reprinted). The journal has also received a new design template. These changes are helping to attract a wider audience, making the journal an even more effective bridge for connecting Nagorno-Karabakh’s information environment to the wider world. 

Further information

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