As the lead EPNK member organisation, International Alert seeks to generate alternative perspectives and fresh discourse on the Nagorno-Karabakh (NK) conflict through its media and public engagement programmes.

To do this, Alert supports key groups of local actors involved in shaping public opinion to develop alternatives to radical conflict discourse. These groups include mainstream and alternative media journalists and civil society leaders. We also engage wider communities, from decision-makers to those directly affected by the conflict, through public outreach activities in urban and remote as well as along the front line. The data collected will be analysed by a group of regional experts in psychology and sociology who will develop a joint report presenting key conclusions and advocacy messages on the cost of the conflict and ways forward for peace. Based on these findings, Alert will hold outreach discussion events as well as advocacy meetings with local and international stakeholders to broaden the debate and strengthen the participatory and transformative elements of the initiative by bringing the analysis back to people for further reflection over ‘bigger picture’.

  • Public engagement and community outreach. International Alert’s new participatory research initiative, ‘Envisioning Peace’, aims to strengthen community engagement in peacebuilding, seeking the voice of those not normally consulted. A group of 11 researchers from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh were trained in our new methodology to stimulate reflection on the human and social cost of the conflict by asking participants to reflect deeply on how their lives and society have been shaped by the conflict and its non-resolution, and to consider what life might have been had there not been a war. Those being interviewed will include professionals and individuals with their own constituencies (doctors, educators, cultural figures), people living in the regional capitals as well as those living along the frontlines. Reflection is guided to stimulate a process of personal transformation towards support of a peaceful resolution, and to produce insights for analysis.

The results of the Envisioning Peace research project are available in English and in Russian on our website (Armenian and Azerbaijani to follow). 

  • Journalists in mainstream and alternative media. Building on its previous work with journalists in a series of joint conflict study and professional development programmes, Alert supports a cross-conflict network of journalists and editors from leading media outlets in Armenia, Azerbaijan and NK. Unheard Voices is a multimedia initiative organised by International Alert as part of EPNK. It is the result of work produced with journalists from the societies affected by the conflict and their collaborative efforts to highlight its effects on the daily lives of people living in conditions of 'no war, no peace'. The purpose is to ensure their voices are heard both at home in their own societies and on the other side of the conflict divide, allowing readers to see the real faces hidden behind the images of ‘the enemy’.

    All our materials are published in four languages (Armenian, Azerbaijani, Russian and English) on our webpage, hosted by our partners JAMNews with the Unheard Voices Facebook page providing a shared platform where every article and report is available to readers for discussion and comment.

In order increase the visibility of International Alert’s projects in the region, in EPNK3 International Alert will have an increased presence on social media. This is vital to engage new actors, particularly young people, in our work. For the most recent news from our projects, follow us on Facebook here, on Twitter and Instagram

For more information please visit International Alert's website