Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) aims to challenge the impasse in the conflict transformation process by reaching out to the new generation that grew up in isolation from each other, and represents one of the groups most affected by the conflict. CMI’s efforts have resulted in the creation of a multi-level and cross-conflict platform of emerging professionals and mid-level actors working within their respective institutions (including NGOs, mass media, and executive and representative bodies).

Building on its initiatives over the last 6 years, CMI is focusing its efforts on:

  • Establishing channels of communications between groups of individuals isolated or deeply affected by ongoing hostilities or by the lack of progress in official negotiations;
  • Supporting young professionals to reach out to marginalised groups within their societies, i.e. women, youth, IDPs, and refugees;
  • Supporting young professionals to implement local confidence-building initiatives in their own societies;
  • Providing channels of communication between young professionals and local and international actors to inform on initiatives implemented within the societies. 

Initiatives carried out by the platform of young professionals have varied from a cartoon series to documentary films, training, research and analyses. These initiatives are aimed at reaching out to a larger part of the population, and at participating in the dissemination of innovative discourses and approaches to the long-lasting conflict.

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