IDP Lads in Baku

The peace process has so far failed to achieve a long-expected and much hoped for breakthrough. The rhetoric coming from both government and societies across the conflict divide has been increasingly polarised and highly charged, making our work more difficult.

We strive to meet these challenges through our dynamic partnership and innovative approaches to peacebuilding, which seek to make a difference and focus on peace by:

  • Creating an independent civil society framework for European non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to engage with the Karabakh conflict;
  • Bringing together young people, women, displaced people, civil society activists, policymakers, journalists and filmmakers from around the region and offering different means for dialogue and interaction – the key aim here is to build relationships and confidence across the conflict divide; 
  • Promoting a gender-balanced approach across all our activities;
  • Structuring our work in a flexible manner, so that it can evolve quickly in response to the broader regional dynamics. Our activities, while mutually reinforcing, are freestanding, and member organisations often use different approaches to achieve a common objective.